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Whether you are looking for seasonal workers or year round trainees, we have a program for you.

Seasonal Workers - Working Holiday Program and English Co-Op Program

Permanent Staff - recruitment services under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Interns/Trainees - Canadian Internship Program and Cambridge Work Experience Program

Working Holiday Program

Every year Canada gives thousands of young people from many countries around the world work permits allowing them to work any where in Canada for up to one year. GO International works with employers seeking seasonal employees to recruit young working holiday makers, and provides three excellent hiring options: GO International Recruiting, GO International Road Shows and GO International Employer Direct.

We spend the time to learn about your company culture and develop a customized recruitment solution for you. We include our international partners in the hiring program development so the appropriate candidates are recruited. Together we promote your offer to attract a pool of qualified individuals according to your specifications, including work skills, English level, education, experience and more.

Hiring Options for the Working Holiday Program:

  1. GO International Recruiting

    This service puts GO International to work for you. Working with its overseas partners, GO International will meet with interested applicants and interview them for you before they have arrived in Canada, based on your stated selection criteria. We will forward you only suitable candidates for you to consider and interview by phone if you so choose. You are under no obligation to hire a specific candidate. After you have accepted a participant we take care of the details of getting them to you for the job.

  2. GO International Employer Direct

    If you prefer to hire your staff independently, you can post your positions on our online jobs database which is available only to participants in Canada on a Working Holiday Visa. Participants will then contact you directly to apply for the positions you have posted.

English Co-OP Program

This work and study program offered through GI's language school partner, Tamwood International College attracts young people who are university age or slightly older. Participants come for a program of 4-6 months of English classes at Tamwood followed by 4-6 months of paid work. Most start their English in late summer or early spring so as to be ready for their job assignment at the start of the winter or summer season. Most participants come from Brazil, Mexico and Switzerland. The work permit names the school as their employer as we assign them to their work placement so they are not allowed to change employers without the school arranging it. Employers post jobs with us and we send them resumes of interested applicants who they can interview by phone before arrival or in person after arrival in Canada

International Recruiting under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program ("TFWP")

GI recruits international staff for both long term and seasonal positions under the TFWP. Employers with pre-approved LMO's or those who want to work under the E-LMO pilot project enter into a recruiting contract with us and we work with our partners overseas to recruit staff for them. We work with well established agencies in Czech Republic, Russia, Jamaica, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico and the USA. Our fees are very competitive and are negotiable for larger staff hires. We can arrange for you to interview by phone, by web cam or in person if you have enough positions to justify a hiring fair in the source country. All of our agents overseas have experience running hiring fairs for large resort based employers in the USA.

Canadian Internship Program and the Cambridge Work Experience Program

These two practical training programs places international students in unpaid training positions related to their major field of study.


GO International arranges for highly skilled and motivated international graduates to work for you on special projects or as extra staff in your busy periods. We forward you CV's and cover letters for potential interns and you conduct interviews by phone before deciding to make a job offer.

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